We Are Our Biggest Critics

I'm going to get straight into it! SHOOT. How true is this statement though? "We are our biggest critic"  Sadly, I think this statement is especially true for women. We are so hard on ourselves.  Personally, I know that at times I care way too much what someone else thinks of my hair one day... Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Become A Morning Person

Now we all know the saying, "The early bird gets the worm." right? I'm a firm believer in this statement. Maybe not waking up at the butt crack of dawn though. Recently this topic has come up in many of my conversations. Friends, co-workers, family members explaining to me that they aren't morning people. Well,... Continue Reading →

The Year is Up.

I don't know where to start with summarizing my journey in Australia. This year has passed in the blink of an eye! I think back to my first church service I attended at Hillsong; sitting by no one I knew (that's okay though when you're an extrovert) and my jaw dropped when worship started. It... Continue Reading →

Chillaxed Attire

Hello friends!! If you're like me and CONSTANTLY on-the-go, then you understand how we ain't got time to do our hair or pick out that 'perfect' outfit everyday! (Or you're simply just lazy and want something simple 😉 ) Over the last two years I have been discovering what I love wearing and what I... Continue Reading →

Pressed Juice

Love these! I just discovered these Pressed Juices in Sydney this past weekend. Then I found out that they have some in Seattle and Bellevue as well! I'm a happy camper. (The photos have details about ingredients) 😉

College Life (healthy version)

When people go away to college, two things will usually happen. People gain weight or lose it. Now, before moving to Sydney I had the mentality that I would be losing all this weight from walking around every day and having access to a free gym. Well, that didn't quite to Sammi. I've lived in... Continue Reading →

Gone On Holiday

Aussie's call vacation "holiday". So, this Christmas I went home on holiday for a month and a half. This month and a half has been very relaxing and fun! To paint you a little picture, I have gotten to sleep in my full size warm cozy bed, I went hiking with my mom in the... Continue Reading →

We’re Half Way There!

Well that's a wrap. My first semester at HILC is complete! What a great one it's been. From crying myself to sleep the first three nights upon arriving, killing countless coach roaches in the house, dance circles with our trainers (teachers), to face timing my family almost EVERYDAY, becoming ridiculously close to my amazing roommate,... Continue Reading →

God Speaks… When I Listen

Before I get into it, look at this! Holy cow. This is the view when walking over the harbor bridge. (No not the bridge climb lol). Just the pedestrian pathway. I am going to get vulnerable real fast whether you like it or not! Ever since I arrived in Australia I have battled with the desire... Continue Reading →

A Home Body

Have you ever been away on vacation? Most of us have sometime in our lives. My favorite part of the vacation is the traveling toward home. Just reminiscing all the fun memories you've just created. Then you fianlly reach home. That step into your front door and smelling your house scent. Awwwhhh that's the best!... Continue Reading →

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